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Aug. 16th, 2006 | 02:20 pm
posted by: yummypumpkins in thearistocrats

One day a man walks into a talent agent’s office. The talent agent says, “What can I do for you?”
The man replies, “I’m here to show you my act.”
“Let’s have it then,” says the talent agent.
“Honey, kids, come on in here, and bring the dog.” Beckons the man to his family.
The talent agent stands up. “Wait one minute, I don’t need a family act.”
The man jumps in, “Yes you do. You have to see our act, you’ll love it.”
The talent agent sits back down. “Let’s see it then.”
The family begins their act.

   The wife brings out a baby pool, the family gathers around, take off their clothes and they all shit and piss in the pool. The man bends his wife over and fucks her in the ass while the son beings to eat out his sister. The family dog is humping the leg of the father who is now fucking his son whilst the son is still fucking his sister. The mother puts on a party hat and rams it up the father’s ass while she sticks her fingers up the dog’s ass. The sister, now finished being fucked by her brother, leaves the room and returns with a hoop. The brother lights the hoop on fire, holds it over the baby pool full of shit and the father, mother, sister, and family dog all take turns jumping through it into the pool of shit and piss. The brother then pisses out the flames and beings to jack off over his family who are rolling around in the shit pool. The mother is now fucking the family dog, while the father and daughter are making shit snowmen. The brother cums all over his family, and then jumps into the pool with them. The family beings to wrestle, sensually, in the shit, occasionally stopping to eat their own feces. The daughter starts tossing her mother’s salad and jacking off her father while the dog is licking her pussy, and the brother is fucking the dog in the ass. The family climbs out of the baby pool of shit. Scooping out some of the shit from the pool, the father spreads in on the floor and beings to do a soft shoe routine, while the mother, brother, and sister ride unicycles around him singing “God Bless America” as the dog licks their asses as they pass around. The father gives the mother a Dirty Sanchez and the kids take turns licking the shit off their mother’s lip. The brother punches his sister, knocking her to the ground, and the dog fucks her head, cumming in her hair, making a big sticky mess. The father, mother and brother gather around the sister and pick the dog cum out of her hair and eat it. The mother then begins to lactate , and breast feeds the dog as father and son sandwich the sister in a 69.

    The talent agent is sitting stunned in his seat. “I, ah,”

    “Wait,” says the Father, who is now being blown by his son, “we’ve still got the big finish.”

    The mother stands on her head and does the splits. The son takes a ping pong ball and puts it in his mother’s vagina, she shoots it out and the family dog jumps between her legs, and catches the ball in mid air. The dog, upon landing shits on the sister who is being fucked in the ear by her brother, who is being ass fucked by his father, who is being fucked in his ass by the mother with a strap-on. Together, they all reach orgasm, turn around, and light a collective fart on fire, burning off all their ass hair.
 “Taa-Daa,” The family says, and they take a bow.
The talent agent is slack jawed in amazement. “What the hell do you call that?”
“The Aristocrats!”

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Rev. Syung Myung Me

From: revme
Date: Aug. 17th, 2006 01:56 am (UTC)

That one's pretty breathless... thanks!

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