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Aug. 16th, 2005 | 12:55 pm
posted by: revme in thearistocrats

This is pretty much a group devoted to the joke "The Aristocrats" (which has been kicking around for decades, but has more-or-less just gotten really popular amongst non-comedy-geeks/comedians through The Aristocrats, the film by Penn Jillette and Paul Provenza. (Which is definitely worth seeing.)

Anyway, my idea (which is basically their idea, I suppose, but whatever) is basically having an LJ community dedicated to different people telling their versions of this joke. It's probably not the most Work Safe thing in the world, but, well, it will (probably) be all text (unless, I dunno, someone wants to do a comic book adaptation or something), so if you are looking at this at work, well, hopefully whoever's looking over your shoulder won't actually read the text of what you're reading.

In fact, perhaps lj-cuts would be preferable in this instance; although, of course, I'm not going to enforce that or anything (unless there actually ARE images -- in which case, please put THOSE behind cuts). But yeah -- feel free to join and post your own version! I'm just about to put mine up and whoever else can join and post theirs as well! And if anyone has any ideas for the shared group avatar, just let me know!